POWERTRAN A0309B USB Travel Adaptor

Works in almost any country - use it at home or on your travels!

A four outlet USB adaptor with high current output (4.1 Amp) for faster charging than standard USB adaptors. Max 4.1 Amp current shared between all USB outputs. Suitable for powering or charging portable devices including smartphones, tablets & MP3 players. USB A type output connector. Includes zip up carry case. 100-240 ac input.

Includes wall socket adaptors for Australia/New Zealand, UK, USA/Japan and Europe.

About Intelligent Charging

This adaptor uses a revolutionary intelligent charging technology which allows the unit to detect the connected device and charge it at the fastest possible speed. This cuts down the recharge time on some devices drastically - very handy when you are travelling! Two intelligent porty (1 & 2) are provided. Port 3 is a 2.1 Amp standard output for charging high battery capacity tablets and port 4 is a standard 1 Amp output.


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