Thinkware Dash Cam X150 - 16GB

Front Full HD & Rear HD

1080P Full HD & HD 2CH/24fps/3.5" Touch LCD Dual Save

Record Your Drive & Play Back Instantly


With a 1080p Full HD camera, THINKWARE DASH CAM X150 records Full HD quality video capturing the crucial details of any incidents you may come across while being on the road.

The X150 records 24 frames per second without dropping a single frame. You can rely on it to accurately capture every event of your commute, be it a random traffic incident or a sudden hit-and-run.

The 3.5” touchscreen LCD viewfinder of the X150 allows you instant viewing of the footage immediately after it has been recorded, instead of feeling anxious through a long drive until you have an access to the viewer on a computer screen. You can also configure the DASH CAM with the touchscreen viewfinder.

The 5 mega-pixel high-resolution CMOS image sensor significantly improves video quality in unfavorable weather conditions or in low light settings especially at night. With THINKWARE DASH CAM X150, all your footages appear sharp and crystal clear.

THINKWARE DASH CAM X150 captures the roads efficiently with the 120˚ wide-angle lens, ensuring high visibility of any events surrounding your drive.


The Cortex-A5 CPU is one of the smallest and most mature processors in the market, delivering high-end features and multiprocessing capability for energy-efficient performance. This cutting edge processor ensures stable functioning of the X150 without interruption while the device performs its main task



Continuous Recording

Continuous Recording mode is activated automatically when you start the vehicle engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

Incident Recording

With the built-in G-Sensor, the X150 detects impact to your car and automatically records the 10 seconds prior to and after the impact securing your needed evidence of the event.

Parking Surveillance Mode

The X150 supports parking surveillance mode that monitors your vehicle when its ignition is off. A combination of motion detection and impact monitoring is utilized to protect your unattended vehicle against common hit-and-run incidents during your absence. 
* Automatic switching mode feature is enabled with optional hardwiring cable installation. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Manual Recording

Similar to a video camera, you can use Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occurs in front of your car. Use this feature to capture all your significant moments such as a friendly deer approaching your car or a dangerous road rage scenario as useful evidence.


The following chart is an approximation of recording duration in accordance to the video quality and the capacity of the Micro SD memory card. Actual recording times may vary.

Recording time
Video QualityFull HD 24fpsFull HD + HD
Capacity 8 GB 82 min 59 min
16 GB 164 min 119 min
32 GB 327 min 238 min

* THINKWARE X150 supports a Micro SD memory card up to 32GB.
* The lifespan of Micro SD memory cards may vary depending on user conditions. It carries a six-month warranty.


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